Sentimental, vintage or visionary?

Which design trend best describes you: sentimental, vintage or visionary? Home Depot has a new online magazine which is aimed to inspire decorating and renovation projects using a trio of seasonal design trends. The goal from the home page: "Fresh new ideas, decor tips and insight suit all decor tastes, whether you are a traditionalist at heart, more eclectic-minded or are a die-hard lover of bold and contemporary style statements."  The magazine makes it easy to get it right -- if you click on the products in the look, it will produce a shopping list for you!  Deciding which trend to follow is the only hard part. Their sentimental look is aimed to update a traditional home using classic fixtures and materials with "shots of sophisticated blue and purple" and antiqued hardware. The vintage look on the other hand mixes rustic finishes with woody-hued colours and lived in textures. I clicked on the paint colours in this section and wanted to paint immediately. It is hard to resist names like Farmhouse Red, Forest Black, Twilight Gray and Baroque Jewel (a mustard yellow gold shade). Their third style, visionary, mixes glossy surfaces with LED lighting, industrial details and a cool gray colour scheme accented with crisp white and metallics. Maybe we all need three homes so that we could try out each style. Hmmm. 

Michele Joller

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