Someday my house will come...

I once read that for every buyer at any given time there are 19 perfect properties for them. This means that if you miss one, something equally good will come along if you wait long enough. I always tell my buyers that by the end of the story (when you are settled into your new home), the whole process makes sense and you will be in the perfect place. Sometimes along the way, in the middle of the story, you may have your doubts! This is usually when you have figured out where you would like to be and there are no homes currently available that fit your criteria. The hardest part of the move is usually deciding where to be. Once you figure that out, and see all the options currently available, it is just a matter of waiting. Waiting is the easy part (unless you are actually waiting when it suddenly seems like the hardest part). Everyday you wake up and wonder, "Is this the day?" Everytime the phone rings you wonder, "Is this my agent calling?" All we know is that someday your perfect house will come! 

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