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Gloria Joller (my Mom) and I are in the middle of a website contest. Right now she's winning. Actually she's beyond winning. Right now her website is ranking number one in the world of Century 21 Canada in terms of content and mine is currently at 41 (I started today at 38 and am already slipping...doing nothing is a dangerous thing!). Our manager Brenda Jorke started this with a challenge. She wanted to see if we could improve the company site which would ultimately improve the Canadian site which is win-win for everyone. Our website designers led by technology evangelist Roald Marth of gave Brenda a push by adding a statistics category to our online offices mid December 2008. Their computer judges how much content we have on our sites and gives us a percentage ranking against certain things they think we should be doing. Mom and I decided to have a race to see who could hit 100% first. She officially hit 100 just before 5pm yesterday. She even started blogging to increase her score (check out her Taking the Waters entry at The Canadian rankings started today. She hasn't noticed she's number one yet (she definitely would have called me). I wonder if I can catch up before she does.

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