The trouble with blueberries

My sister Marlis Joller called. She had gone over to Mom and Dad's house to pick blueberries and discovered a water leak. "Water's squirting everywhere under the deck," she said. "Looks like the water line for the pond has gone...where are Mom and Dad?" She decided she couldn't wait for them to get back and took charge. When I turned up, she had the water line turned off and was looking for electrical tape in the workshop. The water level in the pond had already dropped about 6 inches.  I found the tape and a pair of scissors (in the house where she wasn't looking) and brought them to her. She crawled under the deck and began to wrap the pipe connections. At this point, I just smiled. I was dressed for crawling under the deck. She wasn't. I had just gotten back from helping a friend move and was in jeans. She looked like she was ready to go to a party. I don't think I have ever seen anyone attempt a plumbing repair like this in a short summer skirt,  tank top and flip flops. Her repair job worked. She topped up the water level in the pond. The frogs were happy -- no casualties. She did wonder though why water leaks always happened to her when no one else was around. Ages ago she was picking blueberries in the backyard when the above ground pool beside the blueberries gave way and a wall of water came gushing towards her. Obviously there is a connection. Maybe she should think twice about picking blueberries in a skirt.

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