Top, Middle or Bottom?

Not everyone wants to live on the top floor. Each level has its own advantages. The one you ultimately pick depends on a variety of factors. If you are looking for the most affordable location in a building, try the second floor. This is also the cheapest apartment to heat since you "borrow" heat from the unit below and above. The second floor also offers the best view of the common gardens. The top floor or patio level are usually substantially higher in price because they offer something that the second floor doesn't. On the patio level, there usually is more outdoor space which is a welcome factor for families with pets or people with green thumbs. Because the parking garage is below the first floor, residents here can be noisier. This is a great location for young children who like to run or for people who walk heavily or like to wear shoes inside. There will definitely be fewer noise complaints! Ground floor units provide easy access to the outdoors for pet-walking. Ground floor locations also are the easiest to exit from in case of emergency or fire alarms (during fire alarms the elevators are off limits and so residents must be able to walk down the stairs). However, ground floor units usually have colder floors since parking is below (an unheated space). The top floor usually is the most expensive place in the building. In older buildings, a penthouse would take up the entire floor. Today it is common to see more than one penthouse unit. Instead of calling a suite unit 401 for example, a developer may call it Penthouse 1 and continue with similar numbering for all the suites on that level. It sounds more prestigious that way. Top floor units are great for people seeking higher ceilings. They also take away the possibility of noise complaints coming from above, and the view may improve. Expect to pay $3000 to $5000 more for every floor you go up in a building. When the view substantially improves, there may be an even larger jump in price. It is not uncommon to see a difference in price of over $100,000 from a suite on the second floor to one on the thirtieth where the view has gone from seeing nothing but the street to a panoramic view of Vancouver's English Bay! 

 At Windgate Court in Richmond (7500 Abercrombie Drive), the ground floor units have large yards. Outdoor space on the second and third floors is substantially smaller.

 However, the top floor units in Windgate Court have higher ceilings. 12 foot ceilings mean extra windows and extra light!

 At Windgate Court some of the second floor units offer the best of both: 9 foot ceilings inside and additional outdoor space (a patio on the side that faces the secure inner courtyard garden plus a balcony on the side that faces the street or sideyard). The patio of unit 220 is shown. This unit is currently available and is listed at $358,800 for 1313 sq ft. 

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