UFOs and Decluttering

A pile of books I had lent to my sister over the holidays came back with one of hers: "365 Ways to Simplify Your Work Life" by Odette Pollar (Dearborn Financial Publishing, Inc. 1996). Number four jumped right out at me the first time I flipped through the book: "Streamline but do not sterilize. Some of those UFOs -- unidentified funny objects -- should remain in your life. They make you smile." I have quite a few UFOs at home. I'm sure my M+M dispenser qualifies. It's Red M+M and Green M+M doing a swing beside a jukebox (the candies hide inside the jukebox) as does my totem pole shaped toothpick holder from Alaska and the three foot high Eiffel Tower I found under the Christmas tree one year. These things do make me smile. It's important to remember our UFOs when preparing a house for sale. Stagers like to recommend packing away all your extra stuff to make your space feel bigger. This is always a good idea...just don't go too far. There is a fine line between intriguing for buyers ("I wonder where they got that") and puzzling ("Does anyone live here"). At the puzzling stage, buyers tend to spend more time checking for signs of life by looking in the fridge for food or the closet for clothes than they do for actually considering whether or not they could live there. Give them something to talk about. Leave some of your UFOs in view.

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