Visual Calm

How many times have you walked into a showhome and said, "I could live here"? What is it about display suites that intrigues us? The instant move, no packing required? An all-new lifestyle in up-to-date colours and finishings? Brand new everything? Or simply the lack of clutter? According to Jerad Horn, the Lowe's spokesperson at our International Convention, one of the hot trends for homes in 2008 is "Visual Calm." He says people now want their homes to be like a showhome all the time. He showed us photos of homes with sleek stainless steel appliances, wood floors and clutter-free counters. All the stuff was gone. No walls of photos. No jam packed closets. I wonder if this will really catch on. In my perpetual quest to get organized, I have been decluttering my life and my home for the past few months. The rooms that I have "finished" do have a state of calm about them and do tend to stay clean longer. I removed a lot of my photos and accessories but left the books and plants. My closets now have breathing space and there's room to put everything away in my cupboards. At first I thought it was only fair that I do this since as a real estate agent, I do expect all my sellers to live like this while their homes are for sale and I do show other people's homes to my buyers and expect the same. Somewhere along the way, I started to like it. I'd have to agree with Jerad and say there is something to be said about living this way. The only problem with Visual Calm is getting there. 
Michele Joller

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