Who needs the ground hog when you have a sister?

Very happy that I have another way to predict spring (or more winter...although my source usually doesn't go that route for obvious reasons). A long time ago, my family decided to divide up the holiday cooking. I picked New Year's Day and Ukrainian Christmas. My sister Heidi picked Thanksgiving which she has since changed to Christmas. My Mom picked Christmas and Easter. This left my sister Marlis without a holiday. Then she got too clever and picked the best day of all: Ground Hog Day. She now likes to hold her Ground Hog Day before the real one so that her prediction is not influenced by the ground hog's. This year we celebrated Italian style on February 1st. The concept is that she will cook the season she thinks is coming. Ahhhh...spring in Italy. Can't go wrong with that! 

Marlis adds the finishing touch (roasted pine nuts) to her spring salad.

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