Your home is now for sale: preparing your winter planters for showings

It is amazing what a difference a few flowers can make to planters that were sitting empty waiting for spring to hit. When your home is for sale, think about the impression your outside space is making or not making right now. It is not too late to add a little colour to your winter planters even if you never got around to planting bulbs last fall. Check what is available at your garden store or even your local supermarket (these are from Steveston's Super Grocer) and add a touch of colour and spring to your outdoor space.  Pots of grape hyacinths and daffodils were replanted into the planters (they will give the impression that you did get your bulbs in last fall!). Orange primula adds a quick burst of colour.  You can even leave some of the pots unplanted if you want to increase the number of planters you have (ie. how four planters in the before photo turn into five in the after).



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