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While many other cities and towns have succumbed to the woes of our current economic downturn, the city of Guelph has shown great resiliency and stability. While real estate in Riverdale Toronto and other areas in and around the GTA continue to balloon, Guelph has remained fiscally reasonable when it comes to the buying and selling real estate. In this article we'll explore some of the current trends and why Guelph real estate is so appealing.

Most Mississauga homes for sale aren't worth nearly the value they were this time last year. Like most places in Ontario and around North America, the real estate market is very much a buyers market at the moment. There is, however, some relief for anyone looking to sell their Guelph property. As of June 2009, the average listing price for homes in Guelph is down just 2.9 percent from this time last year. Though, again, returns on home sales aren't nearly what they were last year, Guelph residents can take solace in the fact that some areas in Ontario have dropped in average price by up to 15 percent this year. Don't be discouraged if you're looking to sell your Halton Hills home, however, as the real estate market has shown signs of recovery.

While these statistics may be comforting news for the ailing real estate seller in Guelph, what about the buyers? Even though buyers have it very good right now all over North America, prices still fluctuate from city to city. Today, Ontario home buyers are looking at an average price tag of about $325,000, just under the national average. Guelph residents, however, enjoy an average listing price of just under $260,000. Though this may not quite compare to the price of a home for sale in Paris Ontario, when you take in all the amenities that come along with life in Guelph, that price can seem like a bargain.

The low listing prices available in Guelph may give buyers the impression that there is a problem with the quality of the homes, and they couldn't be more wrong. Among current Guelph real estate, Guelph has a variety of new, affordable, and energy efficient homes available. Places such as Conservation Estates have introduced Energy Star communities in an effort to give back to the environment, but at cost efficient prices. In addition, there are many new affordable housing projects in the works not just in Guelph, but all around Ontario in an effort to support families struggling to keep a roof over their heads in these tough times. For those looking to spend a fortune, of course, there are still several high end properties available, ranging from heritage to hi-tech.

Whether you're in the market for affordable housing or a high class estate, either to buy or to sell, there is one thing Guelph can offer you that few communities these days can, and that's stability. Knowing your investment is grounded in a solid community like Guelph is the best reason to invest.

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