Less Strain With Premium Stain

Summer means beautifully warm and long sunny days, which means plenty of backyard entertaining. In creating the ultimate backyard ambiance, nothing beats a perfectly stained deck. Premium quality wood care products available at your Co-op Home Centre ensure the protection and appearance of your patio space for years to come.

Don’t replace it, restore it

Dirt, mould, mildew, failed coatings and other problems can tarnish the beauty and value of your wood. Premium wood stains are the perfect choice to help refinish old and damaged wood  instead of replacing them.

Premium wood care products  – like Duckback’s Superdeck stain – provide the ability to fill cracks, lock down splinters and smooth rough surfaces. These products save time and money by combining a stain and seal in one. One coat is guaranteed to give you all the beauty, life and quality of other multiple-coat products so you can enjoy extreme durability with long-lasting colour, UV protection and water resistance.

Stain application

There are a few ways to apply stain:

  1. Brushing is the most common application. Brushing works well on all surfaces and provides smooth and even coverage. Natural bristle brushes are recommended, although poly or pad applicators can be used.
  2. Rollers work well on rough surfaces. Use a short- to medium-nap roller.
  3. Garden sprayers are a quick and efficient means of application. Back brush after spraying to eliminate pools and puddles.
  4. Airless sprayers are the preferred method for large jobs. Use the lowest setting and a large orifice tip to obtain a reasonable spray pattern and to avoid a fine mist. Back brush after spraying to eliminate pools and puddles.

Find the product that is right for you!

  • Transparent stain: Maximum grain clarity with a hint of colour. Best for wood in excellent condition.
  • Semi-transparent stain: Moderate hide to wood grain with subtle colour. Best for wood in fair-to-good condition.
  • Semi-solid stain: High-hide finish while still allowing wood grain to show through. Best for weathered wood.
  • Solid-colour stain: Maximum hide with an opaque finish. Best for weathered wood or problem surfaces.

Staining allows you to protect and preserve the beauty of your wood. However, staining does require regular maintenance. Depending on weather conditions, expect your stain to last two to three years on horizontal surfaces and three to five years on vertical surfaces.



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