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I usually blog about all things real estate, but this blog post is going to be a little bit different for me, and you.  I was thinking of something creative to write about, as I stared out at the cold snow falling, through my office window.  Down the road, a woman crossed the street carrying a baby and holding a young boy's hand.  She also was lugging a pile of grocery bags as she walked up to her home.  I've seen this women before.  She is always running around, kids in tow.  I've also seen her husband.  He seems to be a pretty busy guy also, coming and going to and from work and their son's hockey practices/games.  I thought, they could probably use a date night.  I've been there before.  Heck, I am there.  But life is busy, sometimes expensive, and most days all you want to do is stay at home after a long day of work.  (This is where I came up with this blog post idea...)  So, here are a couple of inexpensive, cozy and fun ideas for an At Home Date Night:

  • Living Room Camp-Out - Make a cozy pallet on the floor with lots of blankets and pillows, grab some snacks and settle down in front of a warm fire with your favourite movie.

  • Stay At Home Lounge/Wine Bar - Pick up a few bottles of wine for a private wine tasting.  Lay out a platter of different cheeses, meats, crackers and chocolates and find your perfect wine pairing.

  • Dinner Party For 2 - Prepare your favourite dish together, enjoy take out for two, or an easy night of fondue!

  • DIY Night - Get started on or finally finish that home improvement project or craft your been wanting to do. Crank the tunes and get to work together.

  • Movie Marathon - Choose a theme or series and watch as many as you can!

  • Vacation Planning Date - You dream of all of the wonderful places you can go.  Why not start planning?  Grab a computer or a travel book and start exploring for your next adventure together.

  • Relive The Past - Watch those old home videos, your wedding video or even just look through old photos of the two of you.  Reminise about your past experiences together and talk about making new memories.


If you have young children, most of these dates can be planned out for after the kiddies go to bed.  Or if you are wanting a more private evening at home, ask a friend or family member to help watch the children so you can enjoy a quiet night alone.



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