Transform Any Room Easily - Decorating Ideas

Empty it’s contents entirely. That’s right, take everything out! Pack all the knick-knacks and display items into boxes and store them out of the way. Take down drapes, curtains, and valances. Remove all furniture.

Stand in the centre of the room and visualize what you would do with that space if you could design it any way you like.

Start with the paint colour. (If you need help deciding, keep in mind that many paint outlets have designers to help you). Now, give the room a sparkling fresh coat of paint! Wow, better already! A new colour and fresh coat of paint does wonders for creating a new point of view!

Next, put back the furniture starting with the pieces that are essential - now is the perfect time to try a few different arrangements. Stand back and evaulate your new room...does it work?...could a few new items freshen up the look?...bedding, throw cushions, lamp shades, slipcovers, an area rug?  Even a new frame for those old photographs can make a change.

Now you have a new room. Do you still want to put back those dusty silk flowers? Perhaps you have a new idea for displaying your collectables, or consider rotating them in smaller groups so they are always fresh feeling and interesting! Or, maybe they just don’t belong in your new room?

Purge, purge, purge. be honest with yourself, and create the space you really want! Take the opportunity to unclutter your space - is it garage sale season? - or pass along items to family or friends or send them to one of the many organizations that will redistribute, reuse or recycle them!

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