Why use a REALTOR when purchasing from a Builder?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a first-time buyer, an empty-nester, or somewhere in between, you need the services of an experienced, dedicated real estate professional who will understand your goals and adopt them as their own. This is one of the advantages of having a real estate agent that represents ONLY YOU and not bias.  Of course any person (like yourself) can walk into the sales office of the builder and you can speak to their own realtors. But you must remember, their side is bias to yours since their loyalty is to the builder first and second to you. Having a realtor representing you comes AT NO cost to you so really, the benefit is there for you and only you. Therefore, what do you have to loose? Nothing exactly.

One of the most common questions raised when looking to purchase a pre-construction condo is whether to use the expertise of a realtor. Sales representatives at new home sales or new Condo Sales offices are indeed licensed realtors but as a buyer you should have your own representative. Having your own realtor who represents you is to your own benefit. The sales representatives in the new condo/home sales office works for the builder, which is where their true loyalty lies. By having your own representative, you will receive honest and non-biased advice as your realtor is looking out solely for your best interest. Think of it has having your own Lawyer representing you. You wouldn’t go to court to fight your own case without being represented. There are many benefits to using your own realtor such as the following:

  • As mentioned above, your realtor works for you not the builder therefore your best interest is at heart.
  • Your realtor will be invited to VIP events which gives them access to the best floor plans and prices per square foot before being released to the general public.
  • If your realtor has experience in pre-construction he/she will ask the right questions regarding construction financing status, assignments, occupancy and so forth.
  • Your realtor will be able to negotiate the agreement in your best interest. As price is usually not negotiable, certain fees (education, park levies) can be taken out or capped within your agreement.
  • Your realtor has access to the MLS system which can provide you with prices and useful information of comparable properties in the area.
  • Your realtor can keep you updated on the project. Questions concerning construction and occupancy can be easily answered.
  • If you are looking to assign your unit, your realtor can help you find a buyer as certain types of advertising is not permissible by the project builder.
  • The most important benefit of using your own Realtor is that they have your best interest at heart. Your Realtor will represent you honestly and ethically and will assist you in making the best decision for your needs.
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