Why I Choose To Become a Realtor

Why I Choose To Become A Realtor

A few weeks ago I was driving with my daughter, she asked "Mummy did you always want to be a real estate person?" "How did you decide?" The question seems easy enough if it was coming from anyone other than my daughter.  Shes on her way to adulthood and my choices in life ultimately will affect her choices. I wanted her to understand that my choice didn't just happen and that this wasn't just a "job" to me.

Creating Opportunity: Ask any parent what they wish for their children and although the specifics of the answer vary, our common goals are often very similar.  We want them to have opportunities to become the best person they can be. Becoming a realtor would allow my children to explore opportunities that would otherwise not been possible. I knew that this was a job in which hard work payed off. It was exactly the example I wanted to set for my children.  

Perception: There's a portion of the public that has preconceived notion of what a realtor really is. I wanted to be one of the many people who changed that perception.  My goal with every client is to make certain they understand that my intention is to help them reach their real estate goal not mine. If I could change their perception, they would tell their friends and family and my business would grow, while creating a positive image for Real Estate.

Giving Back: I remember sitting on the bed with my Grandpa as we went through his mail and paperwork.  He knew his illness was terminal and wanted to make sure things would be in order when the time came.  As we were going through things he showed me his lottery ticket to Princess Margaret Hospital Home Lottery. I asked him what he would do if he won the dream home and he said to me "I'm already a winner, I don't want that home. I buy a ticket every year in support of what they did for me." In that moment, I knew I needed to pursue a career that would allow me to give back  in his memory.  He was right, we were winners.  Helping others find their dream home, allows me to contribute to something more. I love the feeling of honoring his memory while helping others.

There it is, the short version of why I choose to become a realtor. Of course there are many contributing factors to my decision but I hope this answer will give some clarity to my daughter as she ventures into adulthood and begins to make the choices that will shape who she becomes.

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