Fall Home Improvement Projects

September has arrived and that can only mean that Fall is here!!!! Now is the time of year to prepare your home for the winter months both inside and outside. Why is it important to do some improvement projects during this time of year?? It is going to save you time, hassle and money in having to make repairs in the spring time. Here are some Fall improvement projects to help keep you occupied!

1. Roof Repairs

Repairs such as fixing the source of a leaky roof or laying down new shingles on your roof, this would be a good time to have that sorted out.

 2. Clean The Gutters

Nothing is worse than having gutters clogged with leaves and branches that will cause damage to the roof of your house. Make sure when you are cleaning the gutters to also check the downspouts as well and make sure they too are not clogged. It is best to clean the gutters once the leaves have pretty much have fallen off the trees around your home.

3. Window Repairs

Check for weather stripping damage and have it repaired as this will help to minimize cold drafts coming into the home and letting heat escape. Check doors that lead to the outside whether it is the front door or back door of your home to check for any stripping damage that needs fixing. Replace any windows that do not close properly any longer or are broken with a new window, this will help to cut down on wasted energy and heat escaping from the home.

4. Clean Up and Reorganize the Garage

Throw away or sell any unnecessary items from your garage that you know you will no longer use, it is taking up space that you could use for something else. By cleaning out and reorganizing the garage, you have more space to store anything that you cannot keep out in the winter months.

5. Lawn Repair and Prepare Your Garden For Winter

Rake the leaves from your lawn to help prevent lawn suffocation. Aerate and fertilize your lawn so that in the spring, you will have nice, healthy and green grass. Wrap up any shrubs that do not handle the winter months very well with burlap. Pull out all dead plants the died during the growing season. Plant fall bulbs such as tulips as they will be ready to grown and bloom once winter is over.

6. Prep The Fireplace

Check the chimney for any repairs that are needed and make sure the chimney is cleaned out.

7. Winterize the Pipes

Protect the most susceptible pipes and faucets from freezing during the winter. By putting insulation around the pipes, it will help to prevent the pipes from freezing and exploding in the winter. Make sure outdoor faucets are protected by replacing existing hose facets with freeze-proof faucets.

8. Have Your Home Heating System Serviced

Before you turn on your home heating system, have it inspected and cleaned. This will help to make sure your furnace is running more safely and efficiently. It is better to know that you need your furnace replaced now before it starts to get really cold as nobody wants to be shivering cold during the cold months.

9. Test Out Safety Equipment Around the Home

Check to make sure that carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are in working order and replace batteries that may have died out.

10. Brighten Up the Inside of Your Home

Add some bright coloured pillows on your couch, add some candles or put bright flowers on your table to help add some colour during the dark months of the year.










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