How to Hire The Right Contractor For a Major Home Project -- Part 3

What to Look for In a Contractor?

1. Presentation

A contractor will act in a professional manner at all times. They will respect your schedule and show up on time for scheduled appointments. They present themselves well and will deal with your questions and concerns directly. They will follow through on promises that have been made to you.

2. Communication

A good contractor is a good listener and a good communicator. They will take what you have said to them and make it into a workable plan and through the plan make it a pleasant experience from beginning to end. This requires a strong working relationship between you and the people that you have hired. During the interview phase, if you do not feel comfortable with the person you have talked to, keep going and find other people to interview.

3. Skills and Expertise

No matter how easy or difficult the project is, it takes years of working experience to develop the know how and experience to do the task at hand. It is important to hire someone with a solid amount of work experience. With previous work experience they have developed the expertise to handle problems, do the work in a timely manner and most importantly do the job right!

4. Professional Reputation

Contractors will provide you references without any hesitation from previous customers.  It is a good thing to ask if they work alongside other businesses in order to get a feel of what they are like in the industry.


Interviewing A Contractor

Interviewing References

Getting Bids

Getting a cost estimate on a job that you need done is important; you want to know how much money you are going to need to get the job done. Budget for a little extra more just in case something arises and the cost may have to increase. Sometimes you may encounter situations where there is unsafe wiring or rotted wood for example that needs to be gutted out which usually come as unexpected surprises when doing renovation work.

Experienced renovators will give you a reasonably educated cost at getting a job done. They will be familiar with the costs of the materials, the labour and anything else that is necessary to complete the job. Get the estimate written down on paper and as you interview all your contractors, you must tell them the exact same thing that you have said to everyone else so that you get the right estimates from everyone. When it comes down to sitting down and comparing who can offer you the best price, the playing field is even and the eventual winner is the person who you feel confident in that can do the best job at the best price.


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