Am I really insured for that?

Anyone owning a home has homeowners insurance. When was the last time you actually read your policy to see what it said. Most people take for granted that if, something happens to their home or someone is hurt at their home, they are covered. That may not be the case.

Your policy requires that your home meets all safety requirements to be in force. These include but are not limited to, things like;

  1. Handrails and guardrails- Many people I have seen have removed the handrail to the basement because it makes the stairway narrow. I have seen decks that do not have proper guardrails around them.
  2. smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. On top of being illegal, Not having the proper detectors can reduce the amount the insurance company may cover.
  3. Separate apartment in the home that do not meet all codes. While again, leaving you open to substantial fines and/or criminal charges, if there is a fire you may not be covered by the insurance policy.

These are just 3 of the common issues that I have seen in homes. Be very aware of what is in your policy. What it covers and even more importantly, what it does not cover. Be aware of what your responsibilities are for your insurance to be in effect. This type of policy is partially underwritten at the time of a claim.

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