Knob and tube wiring

There are a number of issues surrounding knob and tube wiring. Buyers need to be aware that there are insurance issues. Many insurance companies will not insure a house with knob and tube wiring. There are still some that will insure a home with limited knob and tube wiring so long as it does not power a wall receptacle. Some insurance companies will give insurance provided the knob and tube wiring is removed within a given time period (usually 30-60 days after closing).

Just as important are the safety concerns of knob and tube wiring. in many cases this wiring does not meet todays needs. In particular it is;

  • Ungrounded and cannot work with surge protectors or other 3 pronged plugs.
  • There are usually not enough receptacles to power todays needs. Which leads to people using extension cords and other expansion devices that can overpower and overheat the circuit.
  • Over time the cloth insulation and ceramic insulators may have degraded.

If you are contemplating Buying a home that has knob and tube wiring. Be sure to do your homework and understand what that means to you. Both from a safety and insurance standpoint.

There is a lot of imformation available online. One valuable resource is available at;

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