Why is our property not renting?

I have shown many rental units over the years and seen some that go very quickly and some that hang around forever. Whether you are selling or renting the same rules apply. Even in this busy market, with low vacancy rates, good tenants have choices. As Landlords, we are in competition for these good Tenants. The kind that have good jobs, and have pride in where they live.

There are the same 3 things that are needed to not only rent a unit but get top dollar for the rental. I call it the 3 "P"'s of the sale/rent process. This stands for;

1. Price

2. Product

3. People

It is like a 3 legged stool. If any one of these is out of balance, you fall over. The price you offer/get is mostly contingent on the other 2 factors. Many people selling homes are familiar with staging a home for the sale. The are thousands of articles written about the benefit of staging a home.

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