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The Brighouse neighbourhood is located in the central core of Richmond.  It is bounded by Westminster Highway on the north, Granville Avenue on the south, Gilbert Road on the east and Number 2 Road on the west.

Medical Building and Hospital

The single family residential area is conveniently located on the west side and within walking distance of schools, the Richmond General Hospital and many doctors' offices.

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Two large shopping malls are located within a 10 minute walk.  Newer hi-rise residential towers are now being constructed in and amongst the older commercial  areas.

Rapid transit is conveniently located on Number 3 Road with quick access to the downtown core of the City of Vancouver.

The Vancouver airport (YVR) is a short 5 minute drive over the Number 2 Road Bridge via Russ Baker Way.



The residential area was developed over 50 years ago and is now in the process of redevelopment with new homes.  It is an attractive area for this re-development because of its' proximity to the hospital, shopping malls and rapid transit.

This was a planned subdivision with many streets looping off of the main street, Azure Road, that connects the whole subdivision.  Being a planned neighbourhood many of the looping crescent have a direct walkway to the neighbourhood elementary school.  Brighouse Elementary was re-built a few years ago and is now a modern school with current amenities.  It faces a large playground for children's school and non-school activities.

Lots in the area have no lanes so parking and garages face the local residential street.  Most lots are about 18 x 30 metres or 60 x 100 feet.  Concrete sidewalks front on many of the lots and the roads are curbed and paced in asphalt.  all services are available - sanitary sewers, water, electricity, telephone and cablevision.

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