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Top Producer in Coal Harbour.

Mike will provide you with the most up to date market information on the downtown/waterfront areas, specializing in Coal Harbour.  Visit their office on the Seawall - at Coal Harbour - a first for Vancouver.                                                                                                                                                                                                      MOBILE DIRECT: 604-562-6969.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                EMAIL: mike@kimmins.ca

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Professional Background

Mike is a twenty-five year (25) Canadian Forces military veteran ending his career as a Senior Flight Engineer with over 6000 hours of operational flying that took him all over the world, in various roles such as search and rescue, long range partrol, V.I.P. operations at Ottawa and the "Snowbirds" aerobatic demonstration team.  He has also been involved in several small business ventures here in Vancouver.

Mike entered the real estate profession in 2006 joining forces with Shaun Kimmins.  Quickly becoming the go-to realtors for luxury waterfront homes, they are very proud to be the top realtor's in Coal Harbour based on MLS statistics.  Mike has focused on both selling and buyers needs with successful property aquisitions not only in Coal Harbour but the West End, downtown core, UBC and West Vancouver.  A very simple philosophy has contributed to this success - honesty, research and hard work.  In these rapidly changing times, you not only need a capable representative but deserve an honest one - who will place your needs above all others.  Straight talk - straight answers.  Their waterfront office on the seawall at Coal Harbour - 323 Jervis at the Escala - has experienced a constant stream of buyers and exceptional exposure to local property listings.  Have a listing in the area ?  Looking for maximum exposure ?  Look no further.

Professional Interests

Mike has taken a keen interest in the economic times we now find ourselves in regards to local, national and world political events and recessionary fall out.  No other time in history has so much change affected so many people.  With respect to Real Esate in the Vancouver area - predictions and unexpected change that has occured in the last 48 months has been beyond prededent.  Statistics, trends, and reality has kept anyone in the real estate industry on their toes - trying to make sense of this rapid change.  Most will agree that Vancouver - being one of the top five places to live on earth - is withstanding this current atmosphere in many ways.  Yes, pricing will and has "adjusted' but we were due for the market to stabilize - after an unbelievable rate of change over the last 6 years.  

Straight Talk

Mike and the team at Kimmins and Associates are not only becoming well known for their standard of service - but their belief that straight talk and honest answers is not only what clients want but deserve and need.  Real Estate is serious business and for most, the biggest transaction they will make in a lifetime - either buying for the first time or deciding on a change of lifestyle.  Straight talk - straight answers.

Personal Background

Mike calls the East Coast of Canada home where his immediate family still resides.  Mike has lived in every geographic region of Canada - the east coast, central Ontario, the Prairies and now the west coast with stops on Vancouver Island.  Real Estate was a bit of a natural direction after several home purchases and sales across Canada - knowing full well the emotional and challenging time selling or buying a home can be - while leaving friends behind and anticipating new ones that await you.  Always a people person Mike takes his role as a Realtor very serious.  Simply put - it's big money, hard earned money and any part he can play assisting others with the emotional roller coaster that will ensue - is the most rewarding part of the industry.  Family, friends and health are the foundations of life - the rest is a bonus - a code Mike lives by.

Personal Interests

Taking full advantage of the climate and beauty of Vancouver, Mike's favorite place is on a bike - attending open houses, viewing properties and of course the trails and roadways throughout this magnificent city.  It's the best way to see Vancouver and of course do his part on the green front.  Always on the look out for hot listings - Mike takes advantage of the small geographic area of the downtown core and waterfront to keep on top of the market and immediate trends.  Of course when the entire city is your favorite place - it's hard to list specific venues.  Mexican food is a favourite and of course any patio with friends or clients is a summer tradition. Running, hockey, "attempting" golf, roller blading, hiking and camping are just some of the items that take up the rest of his time.

Community Involvement

Mike is a regular volunteer for events that come to Vancouver.  The World Junior Hockey tournament in 2006 was the start and of course the highlight was the 2010 Winter Olympics as a volunteer selected to work in the athletes village.  He teaches skating and hockey to youth and assists with large events throughout the year.


Mike was an aviation technical specialists in the Canadian Armed Forces for 25 years and attained numerous levels of aviation maintenance qualifications and middle - upper management positions, air crew instructional training and standards and active air crew tours travelling throughout the world.  He was also involved in several small business start ups in Vancouver.


Mike - working with Kimmins and Associates -  are the go-to realtor team in the Coal Harbour area - based on MLS statistics.  Living where he works - in the most valuable waterfront area in Vancouver - is a distinct advantage for all his clients.  Remaining "in touch" with the market is key in this ever changing environment.  Vancouver and Coal Harbour have quickly become a true world destination ! 

Market Updates

Whether selling or buying real estate in Vancouver - it is very important to stay on top of market changes - as the local and world economic influences fluctuate from record recessionary numbers to various levels of recovery and stabilization - short and long term.  Buyers especially should always employ a real estate representative not only for support and advice while looking for the perfect home but because it costs the buyers nothing.  Vancouver's unique neighborhoods can see home values change on a street by street basis in some areas - especially on the waterfront.  Employ a realtor who will become part of your team - and more importantly - a realtor who knows and is familiar with - your area of interest. 


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