DIY - Ladder Toss

Making a ladder toss game

This easy-to-build game is bound to become a cottage classic

By Allan Britnell


Photo by Jacques Perrault


This may well be the perfect cottage game: It’s an afternoon’s DIY project, it’s a no-brainer to learn, and it’s addictively fun. It goes by a variety of names, including Spinnerball and Hillbilly Horseshoes, but we like the straightforward and descriptive Ladder Toss.


Building the game

To build the ladder, buy 6′ of 1″-dia. dowel and two 8′-long 2x4s, or scrounge materials (scrap wood, old paddle shafts, broom handles, or maybe even an old, broken ladder) to fit the measurements on the illustration. Drill centred holes halfway through the uprights as shown, and fasten dowels in place with screws. To assemble each foot, sandwich 3″ pieces (fitting snugly on either side the 2×4 uprights) between two 2′-long pieces using 3″ screws. For compact storage, don’t screw the uprights in place, so you can pull them out of their slots in the feet.

BolaMaking the bolas

For the bolas—named for their resemblance to a South American hunting weapon—secure a golf ball in a vise and drill a centred, 5/16″-dia. hole halfway through. Repeat for two sets of six matching balls (you can use balls in two different colours, or draw a stripe on one set with permanent marker). Fill the holes with glue, then jam in the ends of 14″-long pieces of 1/4″-dia. braided line.

Mom says! A golf ball to the head can hurt, so exercise caution, particularly when kids or cottage cocktails are involved.

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