Appliance Replacement

Appliance Retirement

Did You Know?

If you’re not prepared to replace an old refrigerator, you can still save energy by improving its efficiency. If the seal on your refrigerator or freezer door isn’t doing its job, it could be leaking 15% of the cooled air it produces. To fix the problem, replace the leaky seal — also known as a gasket — with a new one. This will improve its efficiency and may extend its lifetime.

To test the seal place a lit flashlight inside the refrigerator and close the door. If you can see light around the door, the seals need to be replaced.

Efficiency Nova Scotia makes getting your old inefficient fridge or freezer off the grid easy!

  • We pick up fridges and freezers province wide
  • We remove the appliance from your home and load it on to our truck
  • We ensure that your energy guzzler is properly recycled
  • PLUS we reward you with $30 or 100 AIR MILES® reward miles.

 We also pick up room air conditioners! Retire a fridge or freezer and add in your room air conditioner and we will reward you with an additional $10 or 25 AIR MILES® reward miles.

While an old, inefficient appliance in the basement or garage may provide additional storage, it’s not worth the additional electricity.  Appliances have become more efficient over the past 10 years. Newer models with ENERGY STAR® certification require less than half the electricity to operate than older models. By recycling your spare appliances you can save up to $180 a year on your power bill.

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(This information courtesy of Effecieny Nova Scotia)

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