Buyers Market

The term "Buyers Market" is something very familiar in today's market. The term itself can be a little deceiving. Many buyers believe that shopping in a Buyers Market allows them to come in with extremely low offers and dictate sometimes unreasonable terms to get what they want. Deals have been known to fall apart of a difference of less than $300.00 or an disagreement about curtain rods.

While it is true that buyers do typically receive the best deals in a market that is saturated with listings, it doesn't mean that they will get a house for exactly what they want under all the terms favorable to only them. It usually means that sellers are more flexible in terms, but it doesn't mean that they will allow themselves to lose money or agree to terms that aren't in their best interests.

Selling a home in a buyers market can be frustrating for Sellers. They may find that buyers viewing the home are giving unusually critical feedback. They may see many viewings with few offers, or a very few viewings at all. This could be for numerous reasons. A property that is price a little to a lot high will often generate very little interest.

A Real Estate professional deals with these questions every working hour of every day. That's why it is important to listen to someone who knows and studies not only your neighborhood, but the surrounding ones as well. Their knowledge is your power!

Mike Durling

Mike Durling

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