Home Efficiency Tips

As of January 1st. new rules ban the import or interprovincial sale of traditional incandescent light bulbs. Retailers currently with stock can sell what they have, but cannot order or obtain new stock. With home lighting accounting for up to 10% of your homes electrical usage, finding new and better ways to light your home can save your up to $130.00 per year on your electrical bills. You can choose from a wide variety of efficient bulbs, including incandescent halogen, LED and CFL, in various shapes, sizes, brightness and colour temperatures.

Light bulbs are one way you can help reduce the costs of maintaining a home. Another way is to find unique ways of recycling items around the home. If you're a fan of Coca-Cola those old glass bottles are still available. They can be used to hold many things around the kitchen. They can be used as salt & pepper shakers, cooking oil dispensers or vinigar dispensers. 

How about that two-liter clear plastic soda bottle? Simple cut the neck off about 4 inches from the top and turn the bottom part into a mini-greenhouse. Simply turn it upside down over a small plant pot and voila, an instant greenhouse for new seedlings!

Have you had your old appliances for 10 years or more? Chances are that they are chewing through electricity at an alarmong rate. Replacing them while they are still functioning may seem like a waste of money, but using new, high-efficeincy machines can save your up to 40% on your yearly power bill.

There are literally thousands of tips to be found online. While following every one of them would be impossible, implementing small changes, one at a time, will make a big difference. Why not make 2014 the year of saving money?

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