Navigating the Market

In the world of instant information we can sometimes wonder exactly what it is we are reading. All we have to do is flick a switch on a computer and we are flooded with information. While all accurate information is good, how do we determine what is accurate and what isn't? How do we know when information is fact or fiction?

Being a REALTOR® is more than just putting your home on the MLS® system and a sign on the lawn. REALTORS® are trained to decipher the information on any given neighborhood and advise you accordingly. If you read the papers, listen to TV or radio you may get the idea that the Real Estate market is booming. Keep in mind, most of the information we are being fed is from either Toronto or Vancouver. Both of these centers are hot markets. But what about Cole Harbour? What about Armdale? How about Middle Sackville? All of these places have their own Real Estate trends that need to be studied accurately in order to put an sensible price on your home.

The same goes for buyers. A REALTOR® will help you study the trends in the area you wish to buy in. This will help ensure you pay a fair price, as well as what your home may be worth for resale in the future.

Always trust a professional. Just as you trust a professional in Law, Medicine or Dentistry, trust a professional when it comes to buying or selling the most valuable possession you will probably ever own, your home.

Mike Durling

Mike Durling

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