The Magic Of Color!!

Taking buyers around to scout homes can be a daunting but entertaining excursion. It never ceases to amaze me with the colour schemes some homes have. They range from monochromatically dull to vibrant where's-my-sunglasses-what-where-they-thinking bright. Very rarely will a prospective buyer love the color you've chosen for every room. Why? Because they're not you. that's why!

if you are considering putting your home on the market you've probably already decided that you're finished putting money into it. You will do what is absolutely necessary, but that's all. Well, taking an honest look at the colors of the home can be a big deal to some people. In a sellers market this is usually not as much of an issue as it is in a buyers market. And boy, do we have a buyers market right now!

Look at all the rooms in the home. Do the colors flow? Have one of your rebelling teens decided that a black ceiling is what he needed to express himself? Is the girls room an explosion of pinks and reds and Princess stickers? What happens if the buyers have all boys? 

While it's true that anyone can have a room painted rather inexpensively, not all buyers are willing to take on that challenge. They may opt for the home just down the street that costs a bit more but has more placid colors. On the other hand, while a single color paint all throughout the home may seem neutral, it also screams boring. 

I once showed a couple a home that was furnished and painted right out of a magazine. The living room had two black walls and two opposing white walls. The fireplace had been painted black. All of the decor was black or white. Across the foyer was the formal dining room....painted fire engine red. I think we saw three rooms or a two-story home with a finished basement before the couple said, "That's enough for us."

While it's true that everything will attract someone, why take the chance of limiting your potential buyer pool by thinking your tastes should be everyone elses tastes?

By the way, that house I mentioned? Still on the market over a year later. My clients purchased one down the street three days later. 

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