Calgary continues to have sufficient future land supply; City releases Suburban Residential Growth 2011-2015

April 15, 2011 09:41 AM Category: Business Services, Planning & Building

The City of Calgary today released its annual Suburban Residential Growth Report for 2011- 2015. This year’s report shows that Calgary has sufficient planned land supply, these are lands with approved area structure plans (ASP’s), to meet the needs for 273,720 people– or enough to satisfy the City’s suburban growth needs for the next 13 to 16 years of projected growth. The estimated suburban serviced land, that is lands with water, storm and sanitary capabilities, with approved land use could accommodate approximately four to six years of growth.
These projections are in line with the targets of The City’s Municipal Development Plan which calls for a 30-year supply of developable land, while attempting to maintain a 15-year supply of planned land and a three to five-year supply of serviced suburban land.
“These projections are positive and help to ensure that there is a fit between residential land demand and supply”, explained Michele Broadhurst, Acting Geodemographics Coordinator. “It ensures a sufficient supply of readily developable land exists, in a variety of locations, to facilitate competitive land and housing markets.”
Managing where and how growth occurs is critical to ensuring Calgary becomes a more sustainable city. The forecast says that 30,370 more housing units will be built between 2011 and 2015 in suburban lands. Calgary’s population increase in these areas for the same period is estimated to be 80,770 people for an average of 16,154 people per year. 
The Suburban Residential Growth Report provides information that helps to efficiently manage City infrastructure investment and maintain enough serviced land to support a competitive housing market. It attempts to do this by examining the fit between suburban residential land demand and supply over the coming five-year period.
The annual updates to this report include:
  • An inventory of Calgary’s suburban residential land supply
  • A review of current development activity around the city
  • A forecast of housing demand and residential land needs
  • A common information base on suburban growth dynamics
  • An assessment of the balance between existing serviced land supply and the expected demand; and
  • Recommendations for the timing of service extensions in specific sectors of the city
The Report is one of several formative documents used by City departments, the development industry and others to assist in the orderly development of lands within the city.  The report is prepared annually and is produced through the collaborative work of City staff from Geodemographics, Corporate Economics, Water Resources, Transportation and input from development industry.
Suburban Residential Growth is part of the Monitoring Growth & Change series which provides City Council, the administration, private developers and the public with the base information they need to plan for growth and change. The Suburban Residential Growth Report 2011-2015 and other reports in the Monitoring Growth & Change series are available online at:

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