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If you've ever thought about living in a small community in the southeast corner of Ontario, Canada, Lanark, ON will more than likely provide you with everything you've been hoping for. Located just southwest of Ottawa, Lanark is a small community that resides right off Highway 7, directly to the west of Mississippi Lake. Here we'll discover more about this wonderful community, why it would make an excellent place to live, and some information on the real estate opportunities you'll find in this lovely area. By learning more about this particular location, you'll be able to make a knowledgeable decision about whether or not this would make an excellent choice for relocation.

* Parks & Recreation

If you really enjoy outdoor activities, Lanark, ON will surely have some interesting qualities you'll be able to take advantage of. Unlike many of the larger populated areas around the southeastern area of Ontario, Lanark has a very low population which allows people to live in a quiet community that is far away from all the hustle and bustle of the larger cities. While they are accessing these comforting aspects, you'll be able to take advantage of all of the outdoor activities are available. It's important to realize that this location is only a short distance from Mississippi Lake which is where you'll find a vast number of outdoor activities you can take advantage of. Camping, hiking, sightseeing, environmental exploration, and visiting the Mississippi Lake Bird Sanctuary will only be a few of the activities you'll be able to take advantage of here in this location.

* Real Estate

Because this is such a small community, there are real estate opportunities that will provide substance and value for those that are trying to move away from some of the larger locations. Whether you are planning to commute from Ottawa, Carleton Place or Perth, Lanark, ON will have some affordable properties available and provide you with easy access utilizing Highway 12 or 15 to get to and from some of the other surrounding locations. Whether you're looking for riverfront property, single or multi-family homes, you'll find everything you need in this lovely area. In addition, if you would simply like to invest in this area, there are new construction opportunities available as well.

* College & Universities

For those that don't mind a short commute, if you're going to school at Carleton University in Ottawa, you'll find that you can take advantage of getting away from all the hustle and bustle of the larger city, and move to a quieter neighborhood where you'll be able to commute back and forth as you see fit. You'll be able to enjoy living in an area that is less populated and will provide you with comfort and a close-knit community.

It can be a difficult process whenever a person has to make a decision to move; however, when you find a beautiful location such as Lanark, ON, this just makes life a whole lot easier when it comes to decision time. If you are considering making the move to the southeastern corner of Ontario, you will surely want to consider Lanark because of the outdoor activities that are available, the real estate opportunities you'll be able to take advantage of, and the easy access you'll have for getting back and forth to the educational institutions in the area.

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