I Think I'm Going to Love This Job!

Fridays are training days at our Century 21 headquarters in Kitchener, Ontario, where company representatives (both neophytes, including yours truly, and more experienced agents from whom we can also learn a lot) spend a couple of hours in the morning learning about various aspects of the real estate business that will make us more effective in our vocation. Do you know what I like best about these training sessions? The emphasis on relationships with clients and customers!

There’s an old gag line that can sometimes be heard in virtually any customer service industry:

“You say you got into this job because you love dealing with people? You obviously haven’t had any customers yet!”

Okay, it’s probably inevitable that one will run into clients or customers that are “difficult” or rude, but they’re likely to be the exception rather than the rule… unless you work in the “Complaints Department” of your business! Whatever the case, I must confess that I find it distasteful in training sessions or seminars when customers are talked about in negative, disparaging, or disrespectful terms, or treated simply as people (or objects) to be exploited in some way, no matter what the context.

Thankfully, this is not the case at Century 21 training sessions I’ve attended so far. Sales representatives are encouraged to get to know people, build and maintain relationships with them, discover their needs and ways to meet them, and more.

I think I’m going to love this job!

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