First Time Home Buyers Guide Vancouver - Episode 2 - Where to Buy! Downtown Vancouver Realestate Blog by Mike Stewart

First Time Home Buyers Guide Vancouver – Episode 2 – Where to Buy!

Realestate Video Blog by Mike Stewart

So You Know What you Can Spend, Where Are You Going to Buy?

SO you’ve gone to the bank or met with your mortgage broker and you’ve been pre-approved as we discussed in Episode 1 of First Time Home Buyers Guide Vancouver. Now you know what you can spend, now you need to decide where you want to look. 

For most people in Vancouver, budget will be a major consideration as to where they look. Simple online options such as can help narrow down the areas that work for your budget. These sites have limits though, they only show whats listed on the market right now and tend to update very slowly.

Take a Walk!

Once you’ve narrowed down the list of areas you’re interested in, its time to take a walk. This is especially important if you have not lived in or are not familiar with your areas of choice.  Make sure to spend time walking around these neighbourhoods at different times of the day and night and different days of the week to get toe know the area and make sure you feel comfortable and secure.  Greater Vancouver has a reputation of being quite safe, but what matters most is how YOU feel about a particular neighbourhood. If you don’t like the feeling in an area or feel insecure, move on to the next option!

Once you’ve decided on the neighbourhoods you want to buy in, its time to hire a Realtor!

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