Is Your House Ready to Sell?

So you’ve just signed a contract with your local real estate broker to sell your home – congratulations!  While your CENTURY 21 broker will have plenty to do to sell your home as quickly as possible and at the best possible price, there is also much you can do on your part to render your home more “sellable.”  Remember that more often than not, the first impression is the only impression.  Therefore, you want to make sure that a visitor’s first impression is a good one.  Here are several tricks recommended by top realtors to help you sell more quickly:

First things first: ensure that all paperwork is taken care of in a timely manner.  Gather all necessary paperwork in one handy place – utility bills, municipal and school taxes, details of all completed renovations, warranties, mortgage statement, certificate of location, leases, act of sale.

Once that’s done, you can begin to look at what you can do around the home to showcase its best features:

Remove all personal touches that you have placed around your home, such as pictures or anything else of a personal nature.  Believe it or not, visitors will be unable to imagine themselves living in your home if it is filled with pictures of strangers.  If the walls are painted an exotic colour that they dislike, they won’t be able to see beyond the colour to the home’s potential.

Clear out half of all items in your closets and store them temporarily in a hidden place.  If there is too much clutter in your closets, visitors will believe that there is insufficient storage space in your home.

In the bathroom, remove toiletries, update accessories (toothbrush holder, shower curtain, etc.), and buy some white towels (these are not for your use!).  This will brighten up your bathroom and make it seem cleaner and well-maintained.  Make sure to clean all surfaces – bathtub, shower, sink, mirrors and especially the toilet.

Clean all floors and carpets, windows and curtains, and do any necessary minor repairs around the house (check the latches, handles and locks on doors, replace any torn screens, fix any chips, cracks and holes throughout the home).  Remember that visitors will open doors, flush the toilet, look in cupboards, and peek behind the shower curtain.

In the kitchen, every surface must be spotless: walls, counter, sinks, the inside and the outside of the fridge, oven and stovetop, dishwasher, and the interior of the pantry.  Don’t hesitate to repaint the kitchen if there are any oil or grease stains on the walls.

Outside the home, cut the grass, remove any leaves on the ground (remove snow in winter), trim the hedges, weed the lawn and garden.  Check to make sure that the eavestroughs are free of debris and working properly, gates open and close, driveway and walkways are clean, clear and in good repair.

In summary, your home must be clean and free of clutter if you want to leave your visitors with a good first impression.  Remember, you are working in partnership with your CENTURY 21 broker to sell your home as quickly as possible and at the best possible price!

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