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 Westmount is home to schools, an arena, a pool, a public library and a number of parks, including WestmountPark, King George Park (also known as MurrayHillPark) and Westmount Summit. The city operates its own electricity distribution company Westmount Light & Power (Hydro-Westmount). The city is also the location of two Canadian Forces Primary Reserves: The Royal Montreal Regiment and 34th Signals Regiment.

Traditionally, the community of Westmount was an enclave of wealthy Anglophones, having been at one point the richest community in Canada. Most of the city is residential. Homes increase in size and value toward the top of the mountain, with the largest and most expensive being on or near Summit Circle.

Notable buildings include Place Alexis Nihon and the Westmount Square complex, which was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and funded largely by Westmount resident Samuel Bronfman, the founder of the Seagram liquor empire.

There are several small commercial districts on Sherbrooke Street from the city's western boundary to the intersection of Sherbrooke Street and Victoria Avenue ("VictoriaVillage"), on Saint Catherine Street across from Place Alexis Nihon, on Greene Avenue and on De Maisonneuve Boulevard near the Atwater metro station.

"Westmount Adjacent" is term applied by realtors to a district in the borough of Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, located in between the city of Westmount, the Décarie Expressway, De Maisonneuve Boulevard and the lands of Villa Maria private Catholic girls school.


The Westmount Lawn bowling green.

There are two main parks within the city: King George Park and WestmountPark. A forest area is located at Westmount Summit, within Summit Circle.


Located between Sherbrooke Street and De Maisonneuve Boulevard to the north and south, and Melville and Lansdowne Avenue to the east and west, this 1,141,002 sq ft (106,002.6 m2) park is the second largest in Westmount.

The landscaping design was undertaken in 1912 by M.J. Manning, and comprises large playing fields at the east and south sides, and Westmount Arena and adjacent swimming pool at the southesast corner. The central area contains an extensive playground, foot paths, ponds and wading pools, and tennis courts. Westmount Library, built in 1897, Victoria Hall, and a large greenhouse are located on the north side.




DawsonCollege, Sherbrooke Street.

The city is home to two CEGEPs: the public anglophone DawsonCollege and the private anglophone MarianopolisCollege.

English-language public schools in Westmount are operated by the English Montreal School Board. These include WestmountHigh School, its sister elementary school WestmountParkSchool and RoslynElementary School, which is significant for introducing the first French Immersion Program on the Island of Montreal in 1968.

Westmount is also home to several private schools including, including the Miss Edgar's and Miss Cramp's School, The Study and the French-language Villa Sainte-Marcelline for girls and Selwyn House School for boys.


Westmount was home of the Montreal Arena, the third arena in history to be built specifically for hockey. It was the home rink for the famous Montreal Wanderers, one of the great teams of the early hockey era, as well as the Montreal Canadiens. The arena burned down in 1918, causing the Wanderers to disband.

Westmount's Westmount Arena is part of a joint arena and pool complex built in 1959. The arena honours early Montreal ice hockey teams with replica Stanley Cup banners. It is home to the Westmount Wings and the Westmount Predators.

Westmount is also home of the oldest active rugby club in North America, the Westmount Rugby Club.

In addition, the city's swim team, the Westmount Dolphins, won the 2007 Section B Alps finals.


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