Book a Green Get-Away

At this time of year we dream of the vacation we’ve worked hard for. With the locavore movement and concern for the state of the earth, a vacation can also be green; it just takes a bit of planning.

To avoid taking your environmental footprint with you on your next vacation, look for accommodations that are environmentally friendly and do their bit for the Earth.






Century 21 Millennium would like to share some questions to think about asking before you book your vacation:

  • Does the accommodation reduce water and energy consumption?
  • Does the accommodation have a recycling and composting program?
  • Is the accommodation locally owned, operated and staffed?
  • Are you close to everything you want to see so you can walk, cycle or use public transit?

When choosing your vacation destination, how about staying close to home? Support your own community and visit museums, restaurants that you haven’t tried, a local performance or festival, Blue Mountain, Niagara Falls or Manitoulin Island to name a few ideas of what Ontario has to offer.

To search for a directory of vacation destinations that are doing their part for the environment, go to

What about getting to your destination if you plan to travel further? You may not be able to skip the flight, but you can balance its carbon emissions through The company’s carbon calculator helps you figure out how much carbon dioxide your drive or flight is putting into the environment. You can then purchase a carbon offset, which channels your money into the development of clean energy products, such as solar or wind.

Conventional hotels can be hard on the planet so while on vacation, consider the following option for being a green guest:

Eating local, having shorter showers, “turning off” when not in use, and bringing your own toiletries such as certified eco-products and a reusable drinking cup. When purchasing souvenirs, try to buy locally made, check labels and ask the vendor what it’s made from to be sure it’s sustainable, doesn’t contribute to rainforest degradation and in not extinct or heading in that direction.

There are many things you can do to create a fun and eco-friendly vacation! With these few simple considerations, your vacation can truly tread lightly on the places you set out to enjoy and make it a much more restful and peaceful escape. Safe travels from Century 21 Millennium!

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