Collingwood Elementary School Report Cards for 2012/2013


Admiral Collingwood Elementary Regains Top Spot Amongst Elementary Schools in Collingwood


Collingwood School Test Scores

One of the first questions buyers with school age children ask me is "where in town are the best performing schools"? Naturally the quality of schools can not only impact the education your children receive but your future property value as well. In Collingwood we are blessed with across the board quality schools, however for those of you who want to know specific performance rankings, that data is available to help make the decision as to which part of town you wish to purchase Collingwood real estate.

According to the Fraser Institute's report cards for Collingwood Elementary Schools, Admiral Collingwood Elementary was ranked as the best performing school for 2012/2013 after relinquishing that spot the previous year to Mountain View Elementary. Cameron Street Elementary School showed tremendous improvement over the previous 5 year period to come in second which is very positive for a school that has historically underperformed compared to its peers. 


A Note About Fraser Institute Collingwood School Report Cards

While the below report cards can provide some insight into historical performances of Collingwood Schools compared to their peers, it is important to not allow them to be the sole factor of consideration.

IMPORTANT: In order to get the most from the Report Card, readers should consult the complete table of results for each school of interest. By considering several years of results– rather than just a school’s rank in the most recent year–readers can get a better idea of how the school is likely to perform in the future. It is also important to compare Collingwood School rankings to other towns to put into context how all the schools compare to their provincial peers.

>> View complete breakdown and explanation of Fraser Institute School Report Card Elements


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THE RESULTS FOR 2012 -2013

Overall Ratings 

Overall Rating Trend 

Grade 3  Reading Trend

Grade 3 Writing Trend

Grade 3 Math Trend

Grade 6 Reading Trend

Grade 6 Writing Trend

Grade 6 Math Trend

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