Dads Are Special Too!

Everyone treats Mother's Day almost like Christmas, but Dad's are equally special, in different ways but the same powerful love for their children, that's what makes them a dynamic duo! Both these holidays are just titles like a talisman, hopefully everyone has strong people to step in either one of these roles in your life, adult and child alike. Biological, Step, Single Moms & Dads doing double duty, coaches, teachers, grandfathers etc....I was thinking of just how much my father means to me and thought of how many people around the world are pondering that same thought in preparation of Father's Day, so where better to look than on the internet, what I found was an overwhelming out pouring of love for Dads.

Below I have shared a video, I would like to thank Michael Taylor for creating it, I've never met him, he is  just one of thousands of "youtubers" out there sharing there love for their Dad.  I am quite sure when his father saw this video, he exhaled and thought I am doing my job well.                                     

"The best gifts come in small packages" - Unknown

Martin and I would like to wish all the Father's out there, a very Happy Father's Day from Century 21 Millennium Inc. you are appreciated. You are helping to create our future.











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