Get your home ready for Spring!

3 Tips to speed up Spring cleaning


At last the darkness of winter is finally lifting, releasing the refreshing spirit of spring. Take the pain out of your winter-dig-out with these three tips.

1) Invest in organizers

The sheer number of organizers out there suggests they are handy. Whether you need new shelving, drawers, or boxes to hide clutter away in rooms, or smaller organizers for desks and drawers, having the right tools will make cleaning much faster in the long run.

2) Put winter away

Once the weather permits, seal away all winter coats and clothing and bask in the empty closet space. Free up space by storing any shovels, equipment, or decor needed for snow.

3) Deal with drawers

Take them on one at a time and define each drawer's purpose. Is it for crafts, tax information, or storing tools for a specific task? Make sure to put items into organizers to keep them tidy before closing the drawer.



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