Selling involves opening up your home to strangers.  Which can leave you feeling vulnerable about security.  Safeguarding your valuables is one way to make your home safer while it's for sale and hiring a real estate representative is another.

Buyers have to go through your representative if they want to view your home.  As part of our services we screen potential buyers by inquiring about their identity and reasons for wanting to view your home.  Common questions asked include:  Have you been pre-approved for financing?  Are you working with a Realtor®?  What interests you about this property?  These inquiries ensure that buyers aren't wasting your time - or your real estate rep's - in other words, this ensures that anyone entering your home is there because they are serious about buying, providing peace of mind for sellers.

When hosting an open house, real estate reps often take precautions such as requiring prospective buyers to sign a guest register with their name, address and phone number upon entering your home and bringing a colleague along to provide added supervision during the event.

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