How To Build A Community Skating Rink This Year

Ever wanted to build a rink in your backyard? Don't have enough space? Good news! 

The City of Brampton supports outdoor community rinks. These are small, neighbourhood-based rinks maintained by a local neighbourhood rink committee, with the support of the City. The Parks and Recreation Department will help residents to operate and maintain a small neighbourhood rink in your local park.

The City of Brampton will contribute to the equipment supplies required for regular maintenance of the rink, including snow shovels, hoses and other supplies which are required to maintain your neighbourhood ice rink.


If you or your neighbours are interested in having a rink in your area there are 2 things you need to do:

1. Establish an active rink committee of no less than five (5) adult volunteers.

2. Work with the City of Brampton Parks & Recreation Department to build and maintain a natural ice rink.

For more information about volunteering to support an outdoor community rink in your neighbourhood park, contact Community Services / Community Development at 905.874.2316.


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