Live Cooking at Brampton’s Wok of Fame Restaurant!


Are you looking for a cultural dining experience unlike any other? Well, at Brampton’s Wok of Fame Restaurant, you’ll literally ‘see’ for yourself!

Located on Hurontario Street in Brampton, Wok of Fame is dedicated to entertain and entice you with their live cooking buffet and delectable Western and Oriental cuisine. Prepared right in front of your eyes, their collage of fine food consists of sushi, a variety of wok dishes, hot dishes, soups, pastries, salads, and mouth-watering desserts, all prepared using Teppanyaki and Wok styles.

Teppanyaki style dishes use iron griddles to cook food. Derived from the words teppan, which means iron plate, and yaki, which means grilled, this style of Japanese cuisine has brought life to Wok of Fame strictly for the entertainment and enjoyment of their valued customers.

Live cooking at Wok of Fame is what separates them from the rest. At the various stations situated in the restaurant you can choose specific ingredients and how you want your meals cooked by their talented chefs.

Wok of Fame has over 20 ingredients to choose from and a selection of fully customizable dishes to suit your tastes. The Teppanyaki station is sure to be a feast for your eyes as their master chefs prepare a diverse menu with their lightning fast hands – skilfully using iron griddles. Both the Wok and Teppanyaki station will entice you to go back for more!

The history of Wok cooking dates back many centuries and is traditionally known as the Art of Chinese cuisine. At Wok of Fame they serve more than 20 different delicious desserts, a salad bar showcasing an array of fresh veggies, fruits, grain products and protein rich foods to encourage healthy eating.

When you visit Wok of Fame in Brampton be sure to try their famous sushi creations and remember if it’s your birthday, you’ll get a meal at no cost!


Live Cooking Buffet Brampton

7700 Hurontario Street

Unit 602, Brampton



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