STA Report... Town recomends new Committee

At its meeting of May 6, 2013 Council of the Corporation of the Town of The Blue Mountains
(Council) directed the following:
That staff invite a stakeholder committee to consider alternatives to the proposed
licensing by-law and to report to the July 2, 2013 Planning & Building Committee
and that the invitees to the committee be:
1. One OPP representative
2. One Building/By-law representative
3. One STA Owner/Operator
4. One member of the Rental Managers Association
5. One representative of The Blue Mountain Ratepayers Association
6. Two members of the public
7. One Fire Department representative
And that Council confirm the appointments to the committee at the May 15, 2013
Special Council Meeting.
In addition to the above invitees, a Committee Secretary will be assigned to the Committee by the Town. On the preceding basis, the attached Draft Terms of Reference has been prepared. The Draft Terms of Reference will be considered by Council at the May 15, 2013 Special Council Meeting

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