Tickets & Tax bill

A new pilot project has been put in place in a reciprocal 18 month project allowing municipalities to collect unpaid Provincial Offences Act fines through property tax bills in other cities. That would help cities such as Mississauga recover a greater percentage of the $37.9 million in outstanding fines. Mississauga will soon join Toronto, Ottawa and three smaller municipalities in this project.

Approximately $20 Millon of that total figure comes from offences committed in Mississauga by individuals living outside the city. Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion said after Wednesday’s council meeting , where the pilot project received unanimous approval that “We want the same authority that the 407 (Express Toll Route) has. You don’t pay your 407 bill, no matter where you live and where you travel, you’re refused a new licence (plate).”

There are some disadvantages, renters, who don’t receive property tax bills and people whose property is owned jointly won’t be touched.

Toronto managed to collect 85 per cent of the fines added to eligible property tax bills for 2010, & 75 per cent in 2011. Other municipalites involved are Belleville, the City of Kawartha Lakes and Hastings County.

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