Tips To Help You Sell Your Home Faster

Getting ready to sell your home requires that you take some basis steps in preparation.  Tidy up, clean, declutter and maybe it is time to start throwing out some of those treasures that have been stored in the basement or the back room for years.

With these basics, you are ready to get your home on the market.  But if you want to improve the value and separate it from your competition, here are a couple of ideas that may help improve the saleability of your home.

Bathrooms and kitchens are key features that will make your home memorable or not.  If has been a few years since you last updated your bathrooms or kitchen, consider the following:

1.  Create some flash by adding or updating your ensuite with a tub and separate glass shower.  It is a feature that will make the buyer think "Luxury".

2.  In the kitchen you want the buyer to see the potential not the hurdles.  So maybe it is time to install new cabinet fronts, new hardware or a stylish backsplash.

3. Surfaces are important.  Granite or just new counter tops and new flooring can add value.

4. Stainless steel appliances give your kitchen a professional look.  If the stove and frig are old, you might want to consider replacing them.

So start with a strategy and budget to sell your home.  If there are features that are dated, you may want to make some changes but only spend on updates that will add value to your home.  A rule of thumb would be to spend no more than 1 to 3% of the value of the home on perks.

You may also want to get your realtor to take you through some of the homes on the market in your price range so you can get an idea of what the competition is offering.

Sometimes just painting and tidying will do the job, but it is a competitive market and if you want to stand out, these are some ideas that may help you sell faster and at a price that you want.

Blaine Bell



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