Working from Home

3 Ways to work at home

More Canadians than ever are working from home. With school starting up and fall bringing everyone indoors, here are three work stations ideas to make the best use of your space:

A hide-away workspace

Don't have a separate nook for a desk? There are a variety of storable desk options out there from laptop and standing tray tables, to fold-out surfaces that attach to your couch armrests. Pair your desk area with coffee table storage or a bookshelf for your materials and you have a pop-up workspace whenever you need it.


A wired place to work

Before your set up your desk, make sure the area is adequately wired. Do you need a phone line? Is the WIFI router distant or can you get wired in right there for more reliable speeds? Does the space have adequate outlets for all of your electronics? You may need to install new hardware or purchase an extension cord to meet your needs.




A crafty study space

Students need a quiet space to work free of distractions for school, but many also need a creative space. Combine the two with designated storage drawers and boxes for a shared desk that's ready for exams but also equipped for weekend crafting.



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