The Best of Brampton - The Brampton Farmer's Market

The Brampton Farmer's Market kicked off it's season on June 22nd in downtown Brampton. As long as I've lived in Brampton I've never had the opportunity to go and check it out, so finding myself with some free time this past Saturday I decided to pack up my daughter and go and see what it's all about. Finding parking was effortless with the Rose Theatres underground parking garage there was ample parking and the elevators took me right up to the Garden Square and right into the action. Before leaving my house I took a quick peek at their website and noticed that every week they have a different theme hosted by local vendors and organizations. Being so close to Canada Day it was only natural that this weeks theme would be a Canada Day Celebration. After wheeling my daughter through the Garden Square where the live entertainment consists of young kids taking the stage and showing onlookers their individual singing, dancing and musical instrument talents. I was greeted by a friendly gentleman who worked for the City of Brampton and was handing out Canada Day flags for everyone to take.

Just outside of Garden Square the Brampton Arts Council has set up shop alongside the Farmer's Market and runs Art In The Open which provides artisans and crafters the opportunity to sell their orginal hand-made products. It was enjoyable walking through and taking a look at the samplings of jewellery, art and crafts that where offered. After taking a quick look I ventured onto Queen Street where the bulk of the Market takes place. Being as busy as it was it was hard to pick out the individual vendors and to see exactly what everyone was offering. Aside from what you can usually expect seeing at a Farmer's Market like your standard fruit and veggie stands. There where also Fresh Bread vendors with delicious looking loafs such as cranberry whole wheat, Pie and pastry stands of which I couldn't resist and after much deliberation settled on a delicious box of Chocolate Pecan Tarts. And of course I can't forget about the fresh honey vendors, local egg farmer, and the butchers truck which also had smoked meats.

With all these yummy offerings naturally I started to get a little hungry and luckily aside from the market vendors there was an ample offering of different foods to try. With carts selling hot dogs and sausages, a greek souvlaki stand and of course a mini food truck selling peameal bacon and eggs sandwiches. There was also local restaurants like The Pie Guys, RD's Southern BBQ and Poutines Dare to Be Fresh offering their delicious fares.

Overall I had a great time with my daughter the market provided me with lots to see and do, while she enjoyed being handed helium balloons and flags as well as having her own animal balloon made by a local performer. Having Gage Park right outside of the Market was great as it allowed for her to run around and play with all the other kids and allowed me to chow down on my mini buffet of food. If you live in Brampton this is definitely something you should try with all that is offered it'll a great outing for the entire family. The Farmer's Market is open every Saturday 7am - 1pm until October 12th.

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