25 DIY Decoration Ideas To Make Your Guests Freak This Halloween

Halloween is probably the most fun time of year to decorate. When else is it socially acceptable to set up gravestones on your yard, put spiders and bats in your trees, and buy fake blood by the gallon?

For all you Halloween freaks out there, here are some of the best decorations for your home; inside and out! If you’re hosting a big party this year – you’re welcome.

1. This is a fun craft that the kids can do, and all you need are toilet paper tubes and glow sticks!

It really looks cool at night and sets the tone and is a bit scarier than a pumpkin.

Via Pinterest

2. What’s creepier than a bunch of dolls all over your lawn?

You can go to a thrift store and buy them cheap, and rip off an arm or leg, pop out an eye, rip their clothes, and why not reduce stress while you’re at it!

Via neatorama.com

3. Possible skeletons are awesome, and you can really be creative with where you put them. I think this is one of the coolest skeletal setups I’ve ever seen!

Via Pinterest

4. Wrong. THIS is the coolest skeletal setup thing I’ve ever seen!

Via Imgur

5. Lawn graveyards are always a big hit.

And if you don’t mind ripping back a piece of your sod, then it looks quite realistic!

Via Pinterest

6. Better yet, get a realistic looking statue instead!

Just make sure to pack it away after Halloween or you may get a lot of complaints from the neighbors.

Via pixgood.com

7. Chicken wire is awesome for Halloween!

It’s cheap, and you can create many freaky silhouettes for your yard. You can spray paint them with glow-in-the-dark paint for added cool-factor.

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8. You can add some wispy sheer fabric for a ghostly effect.

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9. You can add a face mask for a REALLY creepy look.

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10. “Keep Out” signs are a must for any haunted house look.

Adding some hands and creepy masks behind the fence is a nice touch.

Via Pinterest

11. Window silhouettes are a must have. Cheap and simple!

Via Pinterest

12. Or, you can buy large 3D window posters that look pretty awesome too.

Via Pinterest

13. Another clever, very cheap, and very scary outdoor decoration would be giant spider egg sacks hanging from your porch.

Via You Craft Me Up

14. Why stop there? Cover your entire house with spiders!

Via Pinterest

15. Better yet, make your guests enter your home through an eerie spider tunnel crawling with spiders of all sizes!

I guarantee everyone will feel a bit itchy and their heart rate will slightly rise.

Via Pinterest

16. Not only is this an awesome decoration, it’s an awesome way to serve jello shots. They’re fun to eat…or slurp, too!

Via Instructables

17. Every good party must serve finger foods!

Via Pinterest

18. Your guests will inevitably have to use the bathroom, so here’s a cheap and fun way to freak them out with a $5 shower curtain and some red paint.

Via Instructables

19. Actually, this one might be better and add some fake blood splatter for extra scare factor!

Via The Awesomer

20. Or this one would certainly work too.

Via Pinterest

21. This one is a bit weird, but what Halloweener doesn’t love Freddy Krueger?

Via Pinterest

22. If Freddie isn’t scary enough, try this! Your guests will likely say, “NOPE NOPE NOPE! I’ll hold it”!

Via Galleria News

23. This guy would look great in any hallway, or even in a window. Get one on Amazon.

Via Amazon

24. Here’s a great way to make sure your guests never go upstairs!

Via Pinterest

25. Last, but not least, Halloween wouldn’t be the same without Michael Myers (even if he does look all cozy in a rocking chair).

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