5 Home Projects That Will Save You Money (With Video Instructions!)

Clean the Refrigerator and Air Conditioner Coils

When the coils of your refrigerator or air conditioner are dirty and dusty, the appliance can not work as efficiently as it's meant to. They can't exchange heat as they're designed, and the result is them having to run longer and harder to produce the same results.

However, the good news is that cleaning them is simple. Just take your vacuum hose to the coils on the back of your fridge as well as underneath (take the protective cover off). For the air conditioner unit, make sure it's off and take the casing off. Then use canned air or a stiff brush to clean off any debris / dust you can see.

 Inspect and Repair Your Roof

It goes without saying that a little maintenance work on your roof at this point will save you a lot later. Especially after the winter we just went through, it's advisable to check for damage due to ice, hail or water damage. Patch these problems up now and avoid headaches later!




Clean Your Gutters Out!

Water that can't pass through clogged gutters will find a way out, and oftentimes it makes its way down the side of your home and can cause water damage. This might be a job you dread doing, but in the long run it'll pay off.





Check Your Washing Machine Hoses

Over time, the hoses on your washing machine can crack and start leaking. They're tucked in behind the appliance and can go unnoticed for many months. A quick check might reveal a leak or wear and tear that might be worth noting. There's nothing worse than water damage, and a quick check behind your washer can save you a huge headache and lots of money.



Recaulk Your Windows and Doors

Even if you caulked your windows and doors before winter set in, they might be worth double checking. The cold can crack caulking and a quick check by holding a candle beside the area can reveal problems. This one is really easy - and can save you money on energy costs!


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