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My Reno tip for today is relating to ELECTRICAL

Did you know....  code is that you have a light switch (3 way) to operate your lighting in a stairwell at both the top and the bottom of your stairs?

Have your ever felt the cold air wafting in through your electrical outlet??  here is why.....

Box on interior wall                           Electrical box on exterior wall     Red tape to seal vapour barrier

                                                             wrapped in vapour barrier

Did you know, when you are doing your vapour barrier you must also put vapour barrier around and outlet/switch boxes on your outside walls as well.  You can simply cut vapour barrier and place around the box before attaching to your stud or you can buy premade little housings to enclose  your electrical box at your local hardware supply.  They are a light weight plastic.  You MUST then close all seams anywhere in your vapour barrier with the special red tape!!!

Please remember  ALL electrical must be connected by a licenced electrician!! 

You should also call the electrical licencing board or be sure your electrician does to obtain a permit.  This will ensure it is done properly, to code and there would not be any issues with your insurance company!!

Happy renovating!!




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