Doctor, Doctor!

Okay, home-owners - we’re halfway through winter (finally!) and now is a great time to check your home's heartbeat! How are things going? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1.  Clean It Up! It’s easy to allow clutter to gather in our homes during the colder season. Choose one room in your house to de-clutter and feel renewed with the fresh result!

  2. Lock Them Out! Mice are drawn to our warm homes during the winter months, so you will need to have a walk around your house and look for possible entry points. Be sure to block them to prevent intrusions.

  3. Keep It In! Check your windows and doors for cracks and seal them to keep the heat in and the chills out. 

Don't forget to test your fire alarms this month, too! Have more ideas? Don't stop here! Your home can never be too healthy! 

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